Everything Old is New Again

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Pantone, Make it Your Own

Pantone, the authority on color trends, annually announces their choice for color of the year.This year they chose not one, but two colors, Rose Quartz, and Serenity.
Color chips for the blog
What does the average DIY decor enthusiast do with that endorsement for a color, or in this case colors? Usually, it turns out, not all that much. Trends come and go and it’s too much work, not to mention expensive, to change major aspects of your interior decor yearly.
Another option is to take the suggestion of a color and make it your own. Here’s how I did it in a recent paint project when I was deciding on a blue.
Soft Greek
Pure & Original Paint has 2 blues in their Greek blue family of colors. Soft Greek and Greek Sky. Using their Classicochalk based paint, I painted a solid layer of Soft Greek and added shadows with Greek Sky on this traditional sideboard. Classico is so rich and lush, painting with it is a dream. Together the colors combine to make a soft blue that looks like an old, worn, pair of your favorite jeans. A color that goes with everything. My version of Pantone’s Serenity.
If haven’t already, check out Pure & Original PaintsClassico is their chalk based paint and the one I usually choose for furniture because it’s so easy. It comes in 140 (yikes!) lovely colors that echo the colors you find in nature.
So what do you think, on trend but not too trendy?

Perfectly Pure & Original


I started started with a coat of Pigeon Grey and brushed it on. Classico is a very rich heavily pigmented paint and a little goes a very long way. It’s also very thick so if you find your brush is starting to drag, dip the tip of your brush in a little water and continue stroking on the paint. It drys quickly, usually less than an hour. For the next coat, I put all three colors, Pigeon Grey, Storm, and White on a paper plate and using one brush alternated between them, lightly brushing on the colors in selected spots ( video on that technique, here ). I only needed 2 coats of the Classico for full coverage.
If you want to give Classico chalk based paint from Pure & Original , go to www.pureoriginalpaint.com

Black & Blue All Over

Soft Greek Black copy
I love using Black in combination with a wide range of blues from navy to the palest of shades. Most of the time a strong blue will be enough to create a pleasing counterpart to the black. But in cases where the two color palette is less than striking, try adding White in a small proportion to provide additional contrast, and unify the black and blue.
You can use Pure & Original's Black and Soft Greek with highlights of White for the same look and finish as my cabinet below. Classico is their chalk based paint, requiring no primer, wax or sealer. Here, I wanted a very flat, matte, used chalkboard color and finish so I left my paint unsealed.
If think Pure & Original Classico Paint is as amazing as I do, try it out. You can purchase a sample at www.pureoriginalpaint.com

Louis Vuitton Inspired

Facebook reminded me I posted this 2 years ago today…… What a blast and still a fave!
Inspired by Louis Vuitton and the colors of his signature collection. Using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® in Arles, part of the Indian Inlay Stencil from Cutting Edge, I painted a repeating, and alternating geometric pattern on this dark oak cabinet. I love how the color and pattern highlight and contrast the traditional style and dark wood.

Fresco Mirror

My introduction to Pure & Original Paint was through their Classico, a chalk based paint, but my new love is their Fresco Lime paint. You can use it in so many applications, furniture, walls, indoors and out. I’ve never painted with anything like it before and it’s really got my creative juices going. It’s usually applied with a large brush, using a one direction stroke. Pure & Original recommends using their primer, but I wanted to see what happens if you go straight to the paint. Amazing! It adheres like chalk paint, has the same matte finish but you can get the layered look with just one color. There is so much variance of texture and tone, it looks like you painted with several shades of a color.
lagoon water copy
You may remember this mirror, I blogged about it here. It hangs in my foyer and was a flea market find. Originally yellow, I had painted with four colors of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and sealed it with her wax. It’s always a risk to paint over wax. It can repel paint and prevent it from adhering. One of the the things I love about Annie’s paint is that you can paint right over a wax finish, no prep required. You can do the same thing with P&O’s Classico, but I didn’t know if it was possible with the Fresco. (Pure & Original recommends using their primer).
lagoonmirror copy
You know I’m all about easy, so I gave it a go. I brushed on the Fresco Lime, in Lagoon Water, in a heavier than usual coat. After it was dry I used a very fine grit sanding sponge and lightly sanded. Sanding really brings out the texture and variance of shade. I used the tiniest bit of White on the edges and a heavy dose of gilding wax. No wax or sealer. That’s all. Fresco Lime is my new favorite paint.
lagoon water

I’ve just started exploring the possibilities of Fresco Lime. For more of my projects using Pure & Original Paint, check out these posts: Fresco Lime Paint, Pure & Original Paint Colors – Storm, Pure & Original Classico.  And to purchase Pure & Original Paint, go to www.pureoriginalpaint.com

The Perfect Navy

Looking for a true, rich navy? I used Pure & Original's Majestic Cloth, in their  Classico chalk based paint on this remarkable chest of drawers. For contrast, I left the top and edges the original walnut color.