Pure Inspiration

When I saw lovely image on the Pure & Original Facebook Page, I was inspired to break out of my color comfort zone. Not quite bold enough for a whole room, I tried it out on this old cabinet, I’ve painted a zillion times before...... Read More

Pure Easy

One of my favorite old, primitive pieces, this little chair gets painted over and over as my needs change. It started out looking like this, and became my prop for videos, herehere, and here. I’m not a bright, bold, girl, and I tired of the Antibes Green rather quickly.........Read More

Get Your Black On

Painting only part of this vintage sideboard, emphasizes the warmth of the natural finish and creates a lovely accent. Using Pure & Original’s Classico, chalk based paint, in Black, I painted select areas and left the the edges and carvings exposed. Another technique often used is..... Read More

Nothing is Easier

Painting with a chalk based paint is so, so easy. A light cleaning and you’re good to go. Unless your finish is in a bad state, no stripping, sanding or priming. Pure & Original Classico is the most luxurious paint. It goes on beautifully, levels well, and has great coverage. And the colors are so lovely, muted and organic, nothing too bright or saturated......Read More

There's Only One Fresco

While I was in Atlanta, I had more opportunity to experiment with Pure & Original Fresco Lime Paint, this time on walls, in what’s turning out to be one of my favorite colors, Mineral White. It’s a rich creamy white thats not too....Read More

Into the Wild

Fresco Lime paint is made for walls, but I like to use it on furniture, too. In this case, my french, wrought iron chandelier in my kitchen, painted a few years ago with Duck Egg Blue Chalk Paint. I loved it, but I’m slowly moving out of my blue phase and into neutrals..........Read More


I worked on several projects lately for Pure & Original Paint both in Atlanta and here at home, and I’ve gotten the go ahead to share them on the blog. Wait until you see what I’ve been up to not only with furniture but also.... Read More 

Marrakech Walls

Finally finished last week, was the repainting of the small half bath on my first floor.  I first blogged about it herehere, and again here. It used to look like this but it was time for a change.... Read More

Made It My Own with Annie Sloan....and you can too!

I have always loved the versatility of folding screens and making one has been on my radar for a while. They are easy and inexpensive to make and I like the idea of creating one that is unique and designed to fit right into my home....Read More

Please Come In

I’ve heard it said that, “your front door is the smile of your house.” If that is the case, here are some of my favorite welcoming entryways in bold colors found........ Read More

Video 41 Painting Shadows & Highlights Part 3

In Part 3 of this video series, Painting Shadows and Highlights, I show you how to seal your chalk paint finish, and discuss the benefits of using wax vs polyurethane..... Read More and View Video

Video 40 Painting Shadows & Highlights Step 2


In this video, I’ll show you step 2 – painting a solid first coat of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® Duck Egg Blue and adding shadows and highlights with chalk paint...... Read More & View Video

Video 39 Painting Shadows & Highlights Step 1

In this video, I’ll show you step 1 for prepping a chest of drawers for chalk paint. Prepping is really not complicated, so I share my thoughts about why I’m going to paint it....... Read more & Watch Video

Colorways Top 5

I launched this blog at www.lesliestocker.com, just about a year ago, and as I look forward, I also look back. I’m planning new posts, and I wanted to know which ones were the most popular, the ones you liked the best... Read More

Some Things Need No Paint

This was my first Craig's List purchase, a vintage brass chandelier. And amazingly it still hangs in my dining room, unchanged, 1 year later.  But others do, like this one..... Read More

Is it Easier to Paint a Small Room?

I vote a big negatory on that one. All rational thought says that it should be, but my experience says otherwise. Less square footage should equal less paint and time, and maybe it does, but it feels like so, so much longer and harder. Perception is everything, right?   Read More

Video 38: White Washing with Chalk Paint® Step 3

In this final video on White Washing with Chalk Paint®, I seal the finish using Annie Sloan’s Clear Wax and I show you how to accentuate the carvings and details with Annie’s Dark Wax...... Read More and View Video

Video 37: White Washing with Chalk Paint® Step 2

In Step 2 of this 3 part tutorial series on how to whitewash using Chalk Paint®, I apply Annie Sloan’s Old White to my small, oak, side table.  More than a few things go wrong, but don’t worry....... Read More and View Video

Fresco Refresh

Hi everyone! It’s great to back and blogging again. If you don’t follow me on Facebook you may not know that my blog was hacked a few weeks ago and I was unable to post. I was locked out and it even took the tech guys several days to get in to repair the damage. The good news is....... Read More 

Video 36 How to Chalk Paint® WhiteWash: Step 1

In this video, I’ll introduce this piece and show you step 1 for prepping an oak end table for a Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® white wash using Old White....... Read More and View Video

Fresco Lime Paint

After having the opportunity to work with Pure & Original’s Fresco Lime Paint a few weeks ago, I couldn’t wait to try it out for myself. Not ready to take on a whole room I chose to highlight the panel above my fireplace..... Read More

Old Jelly Cabinet - New Colors

The last time you saw this old jelly cabinet it looked like this. I recently moved to a new spot and the French Pink did not go with the rest of the room.. I’ve been working with Pure & Original Classico, a chalk based paint, focusing on their....... Read More

Pure & Original Paint Swatch Book - Whites

I am really excited today to share the first color group, Whites & Beiges, for my Pure & Original Color Swatch Book. I started making my own color cards and compiling them into charts years ago to use as reference for my own projects. When I started blogging about color........Read More

Patina & Verdigris - 1 Year Later

The original finish of this outdoor light when I purchased it from Horchow several years ago ( I think they still sell them) was a dark bronze. I wanted to take some the “newness” off and give it a more vintage look..... Read More  

A New Color Card

Nothing gets me going like new paints and colors. I have collected fan decks, color cards, and swatches from almost every major brand of paint (some are no longer in existence...... Read More

Video 35 - Chalk Painting Fabric Step 3

Painting fabric can bring a much-needed refreshing without the cost of reupholstering. This video shows the final step of chalk painting fabric, as well as.... Read More

Now Available Online in the USA

So excited! Pure & Original Paint is now available for purchase in the USA. Stock is very limited, but readers of Colorways have an opportunity to purchase through this link:  Colorways and Pure & Original Paint. (This link will only be work while initial stock is available. Don't miss out :)

It's Here and It's Amazing

Last week I had the unbelievable experience of working with Pure & Original Paint in advance of their USA launch. I had originally received samples of their Classico, a chalk based paint, several months ago,used it in several projects and blogged about it herehere, and here. I loved working with it. It’s a rich, luxurious, highly....  Read More

Going Coastal Gray

Even furniture built to remain outdoors year round, needs to be refreshed. Originally the same color as the deck, this favorite glider had become faded and dirty. The only prep I did was spray it off with the hose and let it dry..... Read More

Wardrobe Petite

Old Fashioned and practical, wardrobes provided storage for clothing in the days before large walk in closets. On the smallish side, this vintage armoire may have been built for a child, and needed a fresh look...... Read More

Campaign Desk in Custom Lilac

Sometimes the standard pre-mixed colors in any brand of paint don’t offer what you’re looking for, but mixing for a custom color is easy to do.  For a feminine take on the Campaign style....... Read More

Video 34 Chalk Painting Fabric - Step 2

In the second part of this video series on chalk painting fabric, I use a new chalk paint, Classico, by Pure & Original Paint to give a fresh look to my fabric covered chair seats....... Read more 

Wistful White

Since I have tons left of the 3 original paint colors Pure & Original Paint sent me, Pigeon Grey, Storm, and White,  I tried it out on another project.........Read More

Video 33: How to Chalk Paint Fabric- Step 1

Can you chalk paint fabric? Absolutely. In this video, I’ll show you step 1 for prepping a fabric seat cushion for chalk paint...... Read More

When Less is Best

We see them all the time. Those before/after paint projects when you think, “I liked the before better.” Even worse are those where you say, “I wish they hadn’t painted it all.” Because once it’s painted there’s no going back without the....... Read More

Florals at Robyn Story Designs

When I first took you on a tour of Robyn Story Designs, I focused on the gorgeous furniture, accessories, mirrors and lighting, but there is so, so much more to see..... Read More

Pure & Original Paint Colors - Storm

Pure & Original Paint sent me 3 of their Classico chalk paint colors to try, one of which is Storm. I would describe Stormas a warm muted brown that has deep red purple undertone. If I had to compare it to a color in the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint palette, I would say it’s........ Read More

The Secret to a WOW Painted Finish

Using reds in tandem makes for a deep rich finish that resembles a red colored leather. I started with a first coat of  Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® Primer Red. Once it was dry, I added areas..... Read More

A Lovely Duck Egg Blue

You may remember this armoire. I talked about repainting it here. I was a little tired of the blue, but still needed something that would work in my foyer (we have no coat closet). Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®  Duck Egg Blue is a color..... Read More 

Pure & Original Paint Colors - Black

I have to admit, I’ve missed it: Black. It’s one of my favorite colors. I think it’s the New York part of me. It’s my go to color for so many things, fashion, walls, fabric, furniture, lighting, accessories, you name it........ Read More

Swedish Linen Press

Gently colored in soft pinks and the palest of purples, this Swedish Linen Press is perfect in every way. If you are wanting to paint yours like this one, here’s how to do it...........Read More

Back in Blue

One of the great things that I’ve experienced after taking two classes from Steve Wallis is a renewed sense of creativity. Just learning new techniques and having new tools to work with really motivated me to experiment with my paint finishes. Taking some of the skills I learned in Steve’s marbling and wood graining classes, and..... Read More 

Pure & Original Classico Chalk Paint

This is my first completed project using Pure & Original Paint from The Netherlands. I introduced it on the blog last week, you can read about it in this post.The process I used on this chest of drawers was a........ Read More

French Green

A vintage sideboard is given a quick upgrade with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®. Primarily painted in Florence, with highlights of Provence, sealed with...... Read More

All Mirrors and Light

After visiting Robyn Story two weeks ago, I can’t get my mind off large mirrors, and the power they have to transform a space. Robyn’s store ( you can read more about it in my post, here), is filled with gorgeous mirrors, each more stunning than the next...... Read More

Reader Request

Louise, a reader of Colorways, found some inspiration photos on Pinterest and asked for my help in getting a similar finish..... Read More

Pure & Original Paint from The Netherlands

You know how much I love Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®. It’s the reason I started blogging last year; the way it sticks to almost any surface, the beautiful color palette, and the ease of which you can create a variety of finishes using different techniques. It’s a tough act to follow. And although I have had ample opportunity to sample many different brands......Read More

Robyn Story Designs

Yesterday I told all of you about the wonderful class I took from Steve Wallis on paint techniques for marbling and woodgraining, and it was an amazing experience. But there is so, so much more to my adventure...... Read More