Colorways Top 5

I launched this blog at, just about a year ago, and as I look forward, I also look back. I’m planning new posts, and I wanted to know which ones were the most popular, the ones you liked the best... Read More

Some Things Need No Paint

This was my first Craig's List purchase, a vintage brass chandelier. And amazingly it still hangs in my dining room, unchanged, 1 year later.  But others do, like this one..... Read More

Is it Easier to Paint a Small Room?

I vote a big negatory on that one. All rational thought says that it should be, but my experience says otherwise. Less square footage should equal less paint and time, and maybe it does, but it feels like so, so much longer and harder. Perception is everything, right?   Read More

Video 38: White Washing with Chalk Paint® Step 3

In this final video on White Washing with Chalk Paint®, I seal the finish using Annie Sloan’s Clear Wax and I show you how to accentuate the carvings and details with Annie’s Dark Wax...... Read More and View Video

Video 37: White Washing with Chalk Paint® Step 2

In Step 2 of this 3 part tutorial series on how to whitewash using Chalk Paint®, I apply Annie Sloan’s Old White to my small, oak, side table.  More than a few things go wrong, but don’t worry....... Read More and View Video

Fresco Refresh

Hi everyone! It’s great to back and blogging again. If you don’t follow me on Facebook you may not know that my blog was hacked a few weeks ago and I was unable to post. I was locked out and it even took the tech guys several days to get in to repair the damage. The good news is....... Read More 

Video 36 How to Chalk Paint® WhiteWash: Step 1

In this video, I’ll introduce this piece and show you step 1 for prepping an oak end table for a Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® white wash using Old White....... Read More and View Video