Swedish Linen Press

Gently colored in soft pinks and the palest of purples, this Swedish Linen Press is perfect in every way. If you are wanting to paint yours like this one, here’s how to do it...........Read More

Back in Blue

One of the great things that I’ve experienced after taking two classes from Steve Wallis is a renewed sense of creativity. Just learning new techniques and having new tools to work with really motivated me to experiment with my paint finishes. Taking some of the skills I learned in Steve’s marbling and wood graining classes, and..... Read More 

Pure & Original Classico Chalk Paint

This is my first completed project using Pure & Original Paint from The Netherlands. I introduced it on the blog last week, you can read about it in this post.The process I used on this chest of drawers was a........ Read More

French Green

A vintage sideboard is given a quick upgrade with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®. Primarily painted in Florence, with highlights of Provence, sealed with...... Read More

All Mirrors and Light

After visiting Robyn Story two weeks ago, I can’t get my mind off large mirrors, and the power they have to transform a space. Robyn’s store ( you can read more about it in my post, here), is filled with gorgeous mirrors, each more stunning than the next...... Read More

Reader Request

Louise, a reader of Colorways, found some inspiration photos on Pinterest and asked for my help in getting a similar finish..... Read More

Pure & Original Paint from The Netherlands

You know how much I love Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®. It’s the reason I started blogging last year; the way it sticks to almost any surface, the beautiful color palette, and the ease of which you can create a variety of finishes using different techniques. It’s a tough act to follow. And although I have had ample opportunity to sample many different brands......Read More

Robyn Story Designs

Yesterday I told all of you about the wonderful class I took from Steve Wallis on paint techniques for marbling and woodgraining, and it was an amazing experience. But there is so, so much more to my adventure...... Read More

Steve Wallis - Paint Techniques Class

Last week  I attended a remarkable Paint Techniques Class taught by Steve Wallis and held at The Studio at Large at Robyn Story Designs in Tampa, Florida. It was a jam-packed 2 days of instruction and hands on learning in the art of marbling and wood graining paint techniques.... Read More

Cedar Chest of Blue

I was getting ready to repaint this vintage cedar chest and realized I had never blogged about it. So consider this the "before" photo. Although, I think layering the blues turned out well , it's on it's way to........ Read More

Video 32 - Let's Do Stone Adding Age And Patina

In this tutorial we add age and patina to our painted garden pots with chalk paint. This extra step gives our pots authenticity as well as depth and interest...... Read More

Video 31 - Let's Do Stone

In this video, I show how to paint a plastic garden pot to look like stone using Chalk Paint. I also introduce another chalk paint, Classico made by Pure & Original Paint, imported from The Netherlands, and soon to be......  Read More

White Washed Bench

One way to freshen up your outdoor wood furniture is to give it a quick coat of diluted Chalk Paint. Using a wash instead of a solid opaque layer of paint, allows the carvings, details and grain to show through....... Read More

Not Quite Finished

I have been working on this project for so long and I can’t wait to be finished. Here is a quick look at the cabinet that has been trouble since day one. It is an old music cabinet that I am turning into...... Read More

Hippity Hoppity

                                                             Read More......

Video #30 Let's Do Terra Cotta - Adding Age & Patina

In this last part of our terra cotta series, I show how to layer blues and greens to give age and character to our painted terra cotta garden planters......Read More

Video #29 Let's Do Terra Cotta

Now that our plastic planter is prepped, we can paint it with Chalk Paint. I’ll show you how to mix colors and layer to get the look of real Terra Cotta.......Read More

Terra Cotta Inspiration

Whenever I’m trying to recreate a finish I spend some time studying examples of the real deal. Authentic and aged finishes are rarely one solid color. Rather, different shades and colors, blend and contrast to give.......Read More