Video 23: Painting A Child's Chair Antibes Green

In Part 2 of this 3 part Video Series on repurposing a vintage children’s chair, I show how I paint our little chair using Chalk Paint. Specific techniques include.....  Read More

The Best

Does this happen to your paint cans? If it does, I have found the best solution......... Read more

What's Your Favorite Paint Brush?

So many of you have asked about the paint brushes I use in the videos that a post seemed in order. As you can see I use many different brushes....... Read More

Colorful Children's Chair

My color choices almost always lean toward neutrals and whites, so I like to take the opportunity to add a splash of color when I can.  A vintage child’s chair is perfectly suited for a colorful new look with paint. Small enough.... Read More

Video #22: Old Chair, New Life

 Video Tutorial #22

Vintage children’s furniture offers a unique way to add personality and charm to your home decor, but often requires some basic cleaning and preparation before it can be repurposed. In the Part 1 of our 3 part tutorial, I show the initial .........Read More

Brass Chandelier Makeover and a Surprise Delivery

This week I posted  all three parts to our new tutorial series, where we take a brass chandelier and transform it with Chalk Paint. I thought I would share a  a few more photos from....Read More

Video #21: Transforming a Brass Chandelier with Chalk Paint and Wax. Part 3 of 3

This is the last installment of our 3 part video series where we transform an ordinary inexpensive brass chandelier using chalk paint. In this tutorial I demonstrate how to add the final touches.....Read More

Video #20: Chalk Painting a Brass Chandelier

In part 2 of 3 in my Brass Chandelier video series I add Chalk Paint directly to the metal surface to create an old world........Read More 

Blast from the Past

I’m still a little painted out from all of the projects last week. So before I jump into my next one, I thought I would reshare....... Read More

Behind the Scenes: Video Shoot II

No matter how carefully you plan ahead when shooting videos, there always seem to be some surprises.  Of the original 8 projects, we ended up.....Read More

Behind The Scenes: Video Shoot

As promised, here is a look of what goes on behind the scenes while we are shooting a new group of video tutorials.. Just to recap….Read More

Variation On a Theme

Sometimes adding the smallest bit of paint color can make a huge difference in an otherwise....... Read More

A Believable White

This little chest of drawers was a freebie and as such has often served as a practice piece when I’m experimenting with.... Read More

Shades of Lavender

Rather than paint my vintage finds in a solid one color, I like to mix slightly lighter and darker variations of a hue and...... Read More