Old Table, New Look

With rare exceptions, all my projects are solo endeavors. My husband and two oldest sons have full time careers in fields unrelated to furniture, painting and color. My youngest son also spends much of the year away at college, and even when home in the summer, has a busy schedule. So when he offered to help me with some furniture, I happily accepted.

Having no experience with painting, I think he was surprised when he found himself with a paint brush in his hand and choosing the colors from the cans of Chalk Paint for this table. He chose Old White for the top and Antibes Green for the skirt and legs. Using the same brush, he went directly from the Old White to the Antibes Green which ended up giving the legs and skirt a soft layered look. Wow. Pretty amazing for a first timer (admittedly, I'm biased).  

So.. what do you think? Would you give it a thumbs up?

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