While we are on Green.....

This color wheel features 6 of the custom colors made when Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Antibes Green is mixed with varying amounts of English Yellow and varying amounts of Arles.  Also represented are variations of each of these custom colors when mixed with different amounts of Pure White.

So how is this helpful?  Many of my clients are more familiar with paints made by other manufacturers, Martha Stewart, Sherwin Williams, Farrow & Ball but especially Benjamin Moore. They will bring me a color swatch from Benjamin Moore and ask me to paint a piece of furniture that color.

Although I think Benjamin Moore is an excellent paint for walls, I don't like using latex on furniture( I will explore that in another post). My client  doesn't usually care about the brand as much as the color, in this case Wales Green.   In order to use Chalk Paint, I must be able to match the color my client has chosen. This is where the color cards of custom colors are very helpful, because it gives you a good place to start. Mixing Antibes Green and English Yellow and then adding some white will get you very close to "Wales Green". It does take some trial and error,  and some fine tuning, but the more you do it the easier it gets. If it is very important to match the color exactly, I will pick up a sample of the Benjamin Moore paint just to be sure. In the end, mixing my own color to match, allows me to use my paint of choice. Usually for furniture it is Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.