What? Another Paint Chart?

Many people think Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is too expensive, but I actually believe it is a great value.  It is so highly pigmented, that a little goes a long way. Other than artists paints, the ones that come in those 2 ounce tubes, I have never found a paint of this quality.  That said, if you paint furniture on a regular basis and want a wide range of colors, smart buying is the key.  It is important to have a few basic colors. Pure White, Old White, or Graphite added to a blue, red, green, or yellow will give you a wide range of shades. 

Buying the most staurated color of a group, will give you the most flexibility. Its easy to lighten a dark color. Even if you love green, buying all of the greens will limit your ability to create different looks. This chart is meant to organize by color group, and saturation,  to expand your range and maximize your budget.

I’d love your feedback on this. Is this something you do?  Or do you find her colors so subtle  it is too hard to mix them. Do you have a few favorite colors you use most of the time?

Mixing standard colors in different amounts and combinations is a great way to create a diverse and unique color palette. To see some the custom colors you can make from Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®, see my posts, Mixing for Green, Mixing for Purple, and Mixing for Orange.