Color Studies

  I have been working on some color studies with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint to show how to extend the range of colors. The first ones are focused on what I would consider are her "primary colors"; red, yellow, and blue or Emperor's Silk, English Yellow, and Napoleonic Blue. Adding Pure White to these three colors of paint results in an amazing number of colors, shades and tints.

I used actual paints, measured carefully, and recorded my results.  The resulting paint samples were scanned into my computer for accurate color representation. Keep in mind, however,  that your computer may display these colors differently.

This first chart shows the results of mixing Emperor's Silk with English Yellow.  Once I had these samples I  added various amounts of Pure White. A "part" can be any amount you choose, as long as you are consistant - tablespoons, cups, ounces. I used a 1/2 cup measurement. Its also a good idea to keep a swatch  anytime you mix paints and note the formula you used. I keep a notebook because I find I easily misplace separate pieces of paper. I also make a note of the colors I use on pieces I paint.

The color cards below may help if the chart is at all confusing. In my next post I will be adding Napoleonic Blue to Emperor's Silk, and English Yellow.  I'd love to know if you have any questions and if you find this helpful in any way. Thanks so much for all your comments and feedback.


Mixing standard colors in different amounts and combinations is a great way to create a diverse and unique color palette. To see some the custom colors you can make from Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®, see my posts, Mixing for Green, and Mixing for Purple