Piero Fornasetti and Annie Sloan

What do Piero Fornasetti and Annie Sloan have in common, you ask? Actually many things.  Besides being talented artists in several mediums, they turned their art into a successful business based on their unique visions, ideas, and products.  Both focused their talents in the interior design, decorative painting and furniture industries.  They both also serve as the inspiration and process for today's post.

Using an image of classical architecture, I traced a simplified outline onto the previously painted chest of drawers from this post. Using the image as reference, Napoleonic Blue Chalk Paint® and a small artists brush, I was able to paint what you see below. I have tried variations on a Fornasetti inspired theme many times before, all disasters. This time I kept it very simple in a primitive style and I think that made a huge difference. The only tricky part was the frame between the drawers. At first I left them empty, but then went back and added a bit to continue the lines. I had removed the knobs, so they weren't really a problem. And the result?  Good enough that I didn't feel compelled to paint it solid blue.

Inspired by Fornasetti, painted with Annie Sloan.