Pretty in Pink

I love it when I have an opportunity to paint something pink, even when it is something small like this bench. With three boys, pink is rarely a requested color in my house.   It also gives me a chance to show how easy it is to expand the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® range of pinks with a little mixing.

For this project, I used three colors, Scandinavian Pink, Antoinette, and Pure White. The first coat was Scandinavian Pink. Next I mixed a little Scandinavian Pink with Antoinette and lightly painted a second layer (lightly means not a solid coat). The last coat was a mix of Antoinette and Pure White.
The reason I paint layers instead of custom mixing a color and painting it on in one coat, is that it adds depth, texture, shadows and highlights. 

Here are a few more custom pinks that can be made with Chalk Paint. By varying the amounts of each, you can have an unlimited range of colors. Adding a little white will make even more. There is no reason to feel limited color-wise when using Chalk Paint.