June 21, 2014

Trying Something New

There seem to be certain colors and finishes that I paint more frequently than others. So I am always on the lookout for inspirations for new ideas. The photo of this distinctive and beautiful door was found on Pinterest and it challenged me to think how I would duplicate it using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®.

In order to recreate this soft, translucent blue, each color would be applied as a wash, even the first coat. Aubusson Blue brushed on first, followed by  mixes of Aubusson Blue and Paris Grey, and Aubusson Blue and Provence also applied as washes. Primer Red would be added very sparingly in an even more diluted wash.

Whenever I am trying something new, I know I am not going to get it right in the first application. It always involves reevaluating, adding more paint, and taking off some paint. And there is never just one correct method. Different techniques in various combinations can yield similar results. Paint can be removed with a wet or dry towel, sponge, newspapers, plastic, sandpaper.... You can use a wet or dry brush to blend the colors. There are always options.

Enjoy yourself, have fun with the process. If it becomes frustrating, stop and a take a break from it. Sometimes all you need are fresh eyes, to see it differently. And sometimes unpredictable results can be even better than what you set out to do originally. That is what I love about Chalk Paint.... you can just keep painting until you  like it.

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